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Natalia Cruze
Natalia Cruze :: IN THE FIELD
i love you Natalia and my heart is broken when you are actrees porno,you are always in my mind, goodbay my love.
Submitted by david on 2008-01-01 11:34:40

Natalia Cruze :: (June, 2005)
Natalia Cruze is a very sexual person and loves to make men horny for her. She gets hot while just imagining dirty men stroking their stiff cocks and thinking on her sinful naked body. When she is not posing in nude magazines, she is studying homeopathic and natural medicine. Not only does Natalia likes to help men achieve erections, she also likes to care for people in other ways. Her most romantic place to have sex is at the beach or in the ocean. She loves to watch a romantic dawn, and then getting a naughty sexual session. She told us that her best sexual experience was one summer ago, in New York, while visiting a friend. She was just staying at her aparment and met her totally fine neighbor. So one evening she snuck out into the hallway in her satin nightie to have a smoke on the fire escape. Her neighbor was just arriving home from a night out drinking. When he saw her in the hallway, he looked away shyly and said hello. She let her strap fall off her shoulder and started rubbing her nipple. He knew what she wanted and he became erect so fast! The guy pushed her gently up against hall wall and slid his hand down her panties. Pretty soon, he slipped his cock inside her and started fucking. Natalia likes to be banged in the missionary position, it turns her on to rub her clit on the skin of her man. Besides cock sucking, she likes the taste of hot warm pussy. There is nothing more exciting Natalia for that eating the cunt of a hot sexy girl.
Birthdate:Unkown Chest:34C
Height:5'4" Waist:26
Weight:110 lbs. Hips:32
Hair Color:Brown Eye Color:Brown

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Performs: other fetish, group, b/g, g/g, swallows, oral,

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