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Alyssa :: IN THE FIELD
I think this lady Alyssa is a fox she is a beauty she has nice blonde hair she has a nice body this lady is a 10 it i was going to rate her Alyssa hello beautiful you take very good photos
Submitted by JOEHOT on 2007-11-06 23:45:30

Alyssa :: (October, 2003)
Alyssa was born in Los Angeles, Ca. and is the first of her family to be born outside of Barcelona, Spain. She was originally raised Catholic (catholic school, catholic school girl outfit, mass on sundays, the whole 9 yards) until around the age 12, when her family decided to become Mormon. So up until just recently she lived a totally religious, celibate life (celibate meaning NO SEX!!!). Alyssa's father was the bishop of her church and her mother the young woman's president; so this really didn't leave her much room to get into trouble... but trust us she FOUND ways. It wasn't until after Alyssa started attending Brigham Young University in Utah that she realized that Mormonism was all wrong for her! Alyssa decided that she didn't like people telling her that she couldn't do things and by them saying "NO" "DON'T DO THIS" and "YOU CAN"T DO THAT" it only made she want it more!!!! She started to rebel and you could say that her rebellion led her to where she is today. As of now she is residing in the beautiful, bountiful Mojave Desert. Here Alyssa races dirt bikes and teaches dance classes at a local high school. In the near future she plans on finishing up her schooling and becoming a third grade teacher (every little boys dream, a retired penthouse pet/ hustler honey keeping them after class for a flogging). But for now Alyssa is enjoying her modeling career and living life to it's fullest. She will try anything once... maybe even twice (wink, wink). Spontaneity is key and is definitely something Alyssa looks for in a man, not to mention a great ass, a sense of humor and honesty.
Birthdate:March 27th 1982 Chest:34C
Height:5'3" Waist:23
Weight:103 lbs. Hips:34
Hair Color:blonde Eye Color:Brown

Hometown: Lancaster Ca

Performs: other fetish, b/g, g/g, oral,

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