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Jasmine Byrne
Jasmine Byrne :: IN THE FIELD
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Jasmine Byrne :: MODEL PROFILE
Fans of XXX cinema will easily recognize this red-hot Latina's stunning body. The beautiful Jasmine Byrne has starred in more than 200 erotic films, but the precocious Californian was an avid fuck bunny long before venturing into the skin biz. "I have always been adventurous and unusually curious when it comes to sex," she confides. "At an early age I was horny, and I lost my virginity at 12. Once I came of age, I answered an ad in a local newspaper for adult models, and things blossomed from there. Porn allows me to fulfill my desires while making a decent living. " Besides screwing-for the camera and her own personal delight-the exotic honey has another interesting pursuit. "I sometimes work as a dominatrix," Jasmine reveals. "It's kind of fun to beat some guy, knowing he enjoys it. " Does that mean the diminutive nympho needs to be in charge when she's getting it on? "I love to be on top," she replies, "but I'm willing to give myself over to a guy if it's going to bring me some pleasure. " While Jasmine continues to add to her impressive body of work, she already has her sights set on another showbiz career. "When porn no longer wants me," she says, "I hope to be a pop songwriter. I write ballad lyrics all the time and would love to have them sung by someone like Mariah Carey, Madonna or Christina Aguilera. It would be nice to hear one of my tunes on the radio. " Right now it's nice seeing Jasmine Byrne writhing in the nude.
Birthdate:January 23, 1985 Chest:36B
Height:52" Waist:24
Weight:115 lbs Hips:36
Hair Color:Brunette Eye Color:Brown

Hometown: Riverside, California

Performs: anal, group, b/g, creampie, swallows, oral,

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